Seed Library at Berthoud Library:  The Berthoud Library held the grand opening for our new See Library in April!  Thanks to local seed company, BBB Seeds, who donated much of the current stock of seeds, visitors can ‘check out’ seeds to take home to grow – and for those inclined in the project, encouraged to collect seeds from their plants in the fall to restore the stock of the library.

The library will be holding some talks about how to do seed saving, so even if you have never done it before you can give it a try this year!


Seed Savers Exchange – VEG Program:  Seed Savers Exchange is a sponsor of our Seed Library, and one of the benefits they have provided to Berthoud Local is a free membership to the SSE – the seed exchange.

The Seed Savers seed bank contains 20,000+ vegetable varieties, many of which have little or no documentation on their physical characteristics.  The Varietal Evaluation for Gardeners (VEG) program, an extension of the SSE evaluation program, attempts to recruit gardeners who would be willing to grow a variety (or varieties) and evaluate them in exchange for the seeds.  The evaluation forms are relatively simple for all gardeners to understand.  The information gardeners provide to SSE will be recorded in their database and used to write a description of the variety for the annual SSE Yearbook publication.  Credit will be given to the gardener for the evaluation.  Many of these varieties are unknown to the world and the participants would be helping to “discover” (or rediscover) them.


The list of varieties SSE is offering this year is linked above.  They include beans, peppers, and tomatoes, which are the three crops that they have many varieties of.  And here are sample evaluation forms for each crop type.


People interested in participating should (quickly) look at the list of varieties and let Steffen know which one (or ones) they would like to grow as well as their contact information (mailing address, phone #, and email address).  They recommend no more than 3 (three) varieties per person.  SSE will distribute the seeds and evaluation forms as soon as possible, with regard to how fast planting season is approaching.

Steffen’s email is  And if you haven’t yet done so, please stop by the new seed library and check it out, or maybe check out some seeds.