We are looking for people who are passionate about local food, protecting agriculture and our environment and healthy living, to join Berthoud Local!

Berthoud Local is an umbrella non profit organization which runs multiple programs aligned with some aspect of our mission and values.  As such, we have a lot going on all the time – and ample opportunities for people to find a way to get involved!  Below is a list of our volunteer needs.  More information about large projects can be found on the associated project page linked to in the section title.

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Every organization needs to get the word out, but this is especially critical for new organizations! We need to get our name out as well as our events and what opportunities we have for people to get involved.

  • Newsletter Editor / Contributors
  • Webmaster
  • Print Advertising
  • Graphics Design
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Community Outreach
  • Photography


Berthoud Farmers and Fleas Tailgate Market  (Go to Project Page)
In it’s second season, the Berthoud Farmers and Fleas Tailgate Market is going strong! In 2015 we are conducting a 14 week season – Saturdays 9-1. There are a lot of little jobs that are needed to keep it running smoothly!

  • Market Managers – small group who rotate the job of managing each week’s market
  • Market Volunteers – assist with setup, vendor check in and out, manning booth sales and outreach, and tear down on market days. No experience necessary as you’ll always be working with an assigned Manager.
  • Sign Volunteers – pick up signs from our designated storage location and setup in town. Then collect signs and return them to storage by the end of the day.
  • Theme Day Planners / Vendor recruitment


Pioneer Park Community Garden
The Town of Berthoud has designated a plot of land in Pioneer Park as a Community Garden – We manage the garden in terms of planning what and when to plant and organizing volunteer labor. Weekly from spring until fall we can use help weeding, planting, watering, and harvesting. Our harvest is divided up three ways — some is donated to the local food bank (House of Neighborly Service), some is sold at our Farmers Market to raise more funds for the garden, and some is distributed among the volunteers. Novice Gardeners are welcome! This is a great opportunity to learn from veteran gardeners. Scout Groups are welcome – come out and work on a community project or a badge.

  • Garden Planning Committee – create the gardening plan for the year, coordinate with Town for facilities
  • Garden Leads – commit to a schedule to be at the garden and guide volunteers in the tasks for the day
  • Garden volunteers – come once, or weekly to help tend the garden.  Share in the harvest!
  • Food Bank Harvest liaison – weekly coordinate delivering harvest to the food bank liaison
  • Farmers Market Harvest liaison – weekly coordinate delivering harvest to the farmers market


Event Planning  (Go to Farm to Table Dinners – Next One is July 2016)

We host or co-host local food events annually. These will be fundraisers, but also serve as fun gatherings that allow us to have direct connection with our supporters.

  • Organizing committee members
  • Entertainment liaisons
  • Local Food and Drink sourcing
  • Chefs, menu planners, cooking enthusiasts
  • Volunteer Coordinator


Educational Committee

Our Educational Series conducts a number of events through out the year – speakers, movies, garden tours… this committee can be as creative as they want to be!

  • Educational Committee Member
  • Venue coordinator
  • Speakers / Content coordinator


Board of Directors

Our ten-member board meets every 1-2 months to set the course for the year’s projects.  Board meetings are open to committee members and the public alike.  We are a working board, needing each of our board members to also serve on committees to ensure close communication between planning and execution.  Board Members are asked to serve 2 year terms, and are elected at the annual membership meeting held in the spring of each year.

  • Bookkeeping
  • Membership Secretary

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